Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what's love got to do with it?

I've been watching Ada Apa Dengan Cinta a thousand times and only now i got inspired to write something. Im goin to write it in Bahasa Malaysia due to my current mood. Haha.Thank you Rangga. =D

Ada apa dengan cinta?. Ada apa dengan aku?. Kadang-kadang ia buat aku tertanya, sebab apa cinta itu wujud? Kenapa?.

Kerna cinta lah aku berada di sini. Kerna cinta lah aku masih berdiri. Kerna cintalah aku masih terdiam. Kerna cinta lah aku masih menunggu.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana aku menjadi orang yang akan berjalan di samping mu di waktu kau menjadi raja sehari.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana aku terjaga dari tidur dan menyedari ada bidadari di sisi.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana aku berada di sisi katil bersama mu menyambut kehadiran orang baru di dalam hidup kita.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana melihat dia mulai berjalan.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana kita melihat dia berjaya.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana kita bersama-sama melalui hari tua.

Menunggu akan sampainya hari di mana kita bertemu semula di syurga.

Aku kan terus menunggu. Kerna cinta aku kan terus bersamamu.

Kalau di takdirkan kita bersama aku berjanji, bagai Sang Malaikat ku akan menjaga mu hingga akhir hayatku.

Semua nya kerna cinta. Jadi ada apa dengan cinta?

Hanya ada aku dan kamu. =)

(corny nye.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Are Like Glass

Like glass we reflect those things that are closest in proximity to ourselves, often unaware of our own reflection. The reflections of my daily life appear to be directly connected to those things I have chosen to draw near to myself. It may be passing shadows, inspiring landscapes or graceful beauty. Glass is unable to choose it's own reflection, it must reflect whatever is placed in it's path. On most days it's within my power to choose what is placed closest to my life, as well as choosing the duration that it remains there. Today I will take pause, a sober moment to consider what lies in my path, mindful that in some ways we are like glass.

A better place to live!

If you could focus on one idea that would make your life a better place to live starting tomorrow, would you do it?

If that one thing had a positive effect not only on you but on someone else in direct proximity to your life, would you be even more motivated to do it?

Do you know what time it is?

It's never too late to get started.
Or is it?


10 Life Lessons I Learned Playing Grown-up

I present to you my top 10 list of life's simple lessons that I've learned while playing grown-up. I hope that you will find one of them useful in in your life even if you're not running full speed down a hill.

1. Love out loud, love dangerously and remember to forgive more times than you choose to love. Much love is required in order to forgive.

2. Sing often and dance with reckless abandon. Never let anyone tell you you're singing too loud without asking them to sing along. Then it won't matter.

3. Color your opinions with crayons, people understand crayons. Start a coloring book and advance from there. Be brave enough to work outside the lines, lines are only a guide.

4. Help make someone's wish come true. We all have the power to grant somebody else their fairy tale ending. Risk it!

5. If you haven't used that wall in over a year tear it down and use the bricks to build a bridge. We all need more connection and less isolation.

6. Define happiness in so many ways that you loose track of them. Write them down, you will be surprised. Start with, Happiness is...

7. Tell your own story, write it on your terms and make your character the bravest one in all the land. Somebody has to.

8. Perform random acts of planting whenever you feel sad. You'll be amazed how much joy a flower garden of despair will bring.

9. Loose control of the garden hose every once in awhile because getting soaked has an amazing way of making you feel ageless and produces uncontrollable laughter.

10. Don't forget to leave the lights on, there's too much darkness in the world already. But there's no such thing as being afraid of the light.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kepada insan yang bernama KAWAN..

You can choose your friends. Of course they can choose too. You might think you are too cool to be friends with them. Or they might think they are way cooler than you.

You might think they are having some serious intolerable traits that makes you opt to discard them. Or they might think that you're the one who having a very serious attitude problem that leaves you so alone in the crowd.
And you would question yourself, how to be a good friend?
Well, c'mon fuck our depressions. Fuck our emo shit. Tell me siapa yang takde masalah sekarang ni?
Lets be a happy friend. A happy friend can spread happy vibes to our surroundings. I want to be a happy friend. Aren't we all after the same rainbow's end? Err, my Huckleberry friend?
But then again, the word 'happy' can be so outdated to certain people. Tepuk dada tanya selera lorr ;-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


you’re so obsessed with trying to find love that you don’t even remember how to live, how to truly live, let alone what love even is. or possibly worse, you think that since you have already found love that you no longer have to live, have to grow and change and fail and learn anymore.

love life. love the things that you’re passionate about. love yourself. genuinely and whole heartedly love life. then work on finding others to truly love too.

listening to the smiths . . .

the smiths - i know its over.

if you’re so very entertaining, then why are you on your own tonight?
if you’re so very good looking, why do you sleep alone tonight?
i know, ‘cuz tonight is just like any other night, thats why you’re on your own tonight.